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The Competition

The Planes - Our History

Current Planes

Our teams are hard at work at building this year's planes. Yes, you read that right! We are building two planes for this year. For the very first time, we are competing for both the SAE Aero Design competition micro and regular class. We are an engineering team that aims to consistently push our boundaries. Schulich Aerodesign is thrilled to raise the bar and be one of the top teams in the 2017 competition.


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2018 Planes

Description of our latest competition experience COMING SOON!

Regular Class Standings

Overall Standing: 26th

Oral Presentations: 18th

Flight Rounds: 25th

Design Report: 27th

2017 Planes

Our regular class plane this year ran into issues during the shipping process, which consequently resulted in a few team members going the extra mile to retrieve the plane from our shipper, and therefore resulting in our members spending long, late nights preparing the plane for initial tech inspection. We ran into additional problems along the way and was unable to participate in the flight rounds. However, our micro class team was able to successfully fly a few rounds during the seven flight rounds.

Here are our standings for this year:

Regular Class

Overall Standing: 17th

Oral Presentations: 19th

Flight Rounds: Did Not Place

Design Report: 17th

Micro Class

Overall Standing: 4th

Oral Presentations: 4th

Flight Rounds: 7th

Design Report: 15th

Needless to say, both teams learned valuable lessons moving forward.

2016 Plane - Alberta Beef

The Alberta Beef plane is the first Schulich Aerodesign plane to successfully fly at the SAE Aero Design competition Previously, our planes were either stopped in customs or crashed during the test process. The 2015/16 school year marked the time when the team took the extra mile, learned from mistakes and ensured that every process of design and build were perfected. Our team placed 10th in the oral presentations, 16th in the flight rounds and 27th in the design report.  


The name Alberta Beef was inspired by one of the judges' comments---"that plane is beefy".

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